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Worldly possessions

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blick . berlin . dok

Charm of the Andes

Confidence against violence

Escape to Mexico

A small piece of Germany

Home coming - From Berlin to Lima

Señor Turista - Encounters at the Lake Titicaca




Twice nominated for the for the most sought-after award in German television programming in the category "information and culture" in 2003 and 2004

the documentary series Worldly Possessions by Gerlinde Böhm

Dreharbeiten Kirgistan© Gerlinde Böhm Filmproduktion 2004

The Grimme Award is the most prestigious award for achievements in German television, the German television equivalent for the Oscars.


Gerlinde Böhm Film Production was founded in 1984.

The Film Production has made 52 documentary films for the cinema and television so far. 47 of those were made for miscellaneous German public TV-stations under the direction of Gerlinde Böhm. The three films for the cinema received several awards and participated in numerous national and international festivals, thus as in Cuba, France, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden and Spain, in Los Angeles, Montreal, News York and Sydney. Gerlinde Böhm's 30-minutes films enjoy great popularity in the area of education, both at schools and universities.

More than 10 years Gerlinde Böhm was board member of the German Documentary Association AGDOK, the largest professional association of independent producers in Germany. The AGDOK ist a film and media lobbyist for the documentary genre, which is involved wherever and whenever film politics are debated in Germany.

Since 1995 Gerlinde Böhm does professional consulting for young talented directors and producers.

In 1999 Gerlinde Böhm was member of the jury in the Television Workshop Development Politics.

Gerlinde Boehm has filming experiences in Botwana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, France, Greenland, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Ireland, Iceland, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Columbia, Madagascar, Mali, Marocco, Mexico, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Uganda, USA and United Arab Emirates.

In 2009 Gerlinde Boehm moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Since 2010 she lives in Dubai.




© Gerlinde Böhm Filmproduktion 2011